Targeted Email Marketing

Get more reward for your email marketing efforts - target a
pre-qualified catchment market for maximum dollar return

What is targeted email marketing?

Targeted email marketing is a means of communicating with a individual or group of individuals who fall into specific ranges within pre-determined fields that may include the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Suburb
  • Post code

Does my business need targeted email marketing?

If you need to increase your membership or client base you do.

You may have already tried direct mail campaigns within a certain kilometer radius of your business address (or main catchment area if you are mobile). You'll also know it can be a very costly exercise with a minimum return.

Get more from a pre-qualified targeted audience.

Its safe to say that the more information or 'marketing intelligence' you have on an indiviual the better and more successful your chances are of converting the lead to a sale.

GymLink can now offer your business a targeted email marketing campaign to a pre-qualified audience around a catchment area of your business position, which can defined by a selection of criteria including AGE, GENDER, SUBURB and POST CODE.

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