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The Lead Maximiser Program™ - Australia's No.1 online lead generation program


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One new client covers the cost of the whole 12 month program!

Marketing your fitness business is a necessary exercise and plays a vital role in the overall success of your business. GymLink Australia would like to be part of your marketing mix.

The Lead Maximiser Program™ is a highly effective, low cost, online lead generation program. It is now part of the marketing mix for over 1100 gyms, health clubs, personal trainers and studios across Australia.

The program works by linking to the large and growing number of consumers using the Internet to search online for fitness solution in their local area. By featuring your business and offering an incentive to potential prospects, the program allows you to attract and direct a steady flow of qualified leads through to your business in real time.

What will the Lead Maximiser Program™ for my business?

  • Increase your online exposure - get found on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Generate qualified leads and enquiries - from people actually searching for the solution you provide.
  • Increase your membership/client sales - in almost all cases, 1 sales covers the cost of the program.
  • Give your business a 100% money back guarantee - no other marketing program anywhere will offer the same!

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Q: Why should I add the Lead Maximiser Program™ to my marketing mix?
A: The Lead Maximiser Program™ generates leads and enquiries for your business. All new business sales start from a lead - that's exactly what the program does, it generates leads.

Q: How much does the program cost?
A: The program costs vary depending on your type of business. In almost all cases, one new membership or client from a GymLink Australia lead, covers the cost of the whole 12 month program.

Q: What do I get for my money when I sign up to the Lead Maximiser Program™?
A: Your business is featured and promoted on Australia's Largest Fitness Marketing Network of websites including www.GymLink.com.au. And becuase you are tapping into the power of Australia's largest fitness marketing platform it means a minimum of 5 websites will be independently promoting and directing new potential members/clients to your business.

Q: Is there a guarantee that the program will generate leads for my business?
Yes, GymLink Australia guarantee that the Lead Maximiser Program™ will generate leads for business or your money back, no questions asked.

Q: How can you guarantee the program will work for my business?
GymLink have over 1500 satisfied clients currently using the program, including all of Australia's most well known fitness chains, plus hundreds of independent gyms and personal trainers in both metropolitan and regional areas. If it works for them, there is no reason it will not work for you!