RIDE™ Gets Your Heart Thumping….And Measures It With MYZONE®

by MYZONE® (Fitness Supplier)

RIDE™ Gets Your Heart Thumping….And Measures It With MYZONE® Australian based indoor cycle program provider www.indoorcycling.com.au, producers of the RIDE™ Indoor cycling system, today announced MYZONE® as its preferred heart rate training provider for it’s program, instructors and participants.

Program Director and Creator of RIDE™, Matty Clarke said "we were very happy to have MYZONE on board because it compliments our brand so well, with both products' main drive being to get people moving and interacting with their workouts more frequently with guided and accurately measured results".

Clarke, along with Co-Director Melinda Woods are currently on a national tour showcasing their newest release, RIDE™ 7. Their latest addition to the program features the MYZONE® heart rate intensity guides and workout data. Woods has said "with the inclusion of the MYZONE data, RIDE™ keeps gaining strength as a performance based program for the indoor cyclist".

"Having started work on this project nearly 10 years ago, we are really gaining some momentum nationally with over 100 qualified RIDE™ Instructors teaching the program all around Australia. We are really excited to take RIDE™ to the next level with MYZONE" says Woods.

"Being able to integrate the MYZONE Heart Rate Intensity measurements into our program has given us the ability to provide a more accurate coaching method to our instructors, who in turn can pass that information on to the participants in their RIDE™ classes. We understand the benefits of clear and correct information when it comes to coaching exercise intensity" Clarke said.

MYZONE is a heart rate monitoring system, whereby gym members own their very own MYZONE heart rate belt, which wirelessly records and uploads exercise data into the users online account. They then view all their workouts online to track and measure their progress.

"The RIDE™ indoor cycling program takes gym users on a structured indoor cycling journey set to an amazing soundtrack with training outcomes as if they were riding outdoors, yet in the safety of the indoor cycling studio. Developed with a unique mix of strength, speed, endurance and power sections, the class is challenging for all who participate" said Ash Robertson, General Manager Asia Pacific for CFM, Global Distributors of MYZONE.

"We are delighted to have an agreement with Matty and the RIDE™ team, we believe that the RIDE™ program really compliments the measurement and data capabilities of the MYZONE system, ensuring that every minute of the session can be easily communicated to gym members in clear, colour-coded guidance as to what heart rate zones they need to be working in to get the most fitness benefit from their exclusive RIDE™ program design".

"Being able to log onto their MYZONE Account at the end of the session and view their workout in an easy to understand format will ensure gym members are having a more engaging experience with while at the gym, and in this case during the experience of a RIDE™ indoor cycling class" Robertson said.

RIDE™ 7 was released on the 11th of February 2012 with Master class sessions, workshops and Instructor Training occurring nationally with their licensed partners.

For further information or comment on RIDE™ please contact Matty Clarke on 0438 775 051 or matty-clarke@indoorcycling.com.au

For further information or comment on MYZONE® please contact Ash Robertson on 03 8643 7474 or ash.robertson@cfm.net