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Step into Life Canning Vale

Keeping fitter & healthier is a sure way to a longer life. Step into Life is an even better way to get into the habit of regular, enjoyable fitness training for people of all ages & fitness levels

Nearby Suburbs: Canning Vale, Huntingdale, Southern River, Thornlie, Harrisdale

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We make maintaining your fitness & health easier, more fun...and you get to enjoy it with other like-minded people. Think about it...

Getting fit, with people like you, who prefer to train outdoors rather than being in a gym (an often intimidating and boring environment) is a really fun way to achieve the fitness levels you set - and achieve - with the help and encouragement of both your personal trainer and the other group members.

Our rapidly growing numbers of members throughout Australia really enjoy the non-intimidating, friendly and very supportive way that they get the benefits of a group and a personal fitness trainer to keep them focused. The main appeal though, is being able to enjoy fitness training outdoors.

Why is Step into Life Different?

EXPERTS - Step into Life has been training Australians outdoors for over 14 years. Step into Life are the EXPERTS in Group Outdoor Personal Training. We have around 140 locations Australia-wide.

PERSONAL TRAINING - a lot of companies that offer group training offer just that, a group to exercise with. At Step into Life it is Group PERSONAL Training. Every member not only gets one-on-one support and encouragement from their trainer - they get it from each other. It's all part of the camaraderie and friendship that is central to a Step into Life group. Each Step into Life client receives fortnightly feedback on their training, personalized fitness test reports so they can see their progress and a training diary in which they monitor their goals with their Personal Trainer.

Don't be at all surprised if your trainer calls you to check that you'll be at the next session or to say they missed you at the last one. All Step into Life trainers are totally committed to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals, and sometimes that may mean keeping the discipline of attending forefront in your mind - you'll thank us in the long term you can be sure!

AFFORDABLE PERSONAL TRAINING - To have a one on one personal trainer costs around $50-$80 per session. You can train 3-5 times a week with Step into Life for the same investment. We have clients that have been training with us for 5 years and more! Many of these clients, before coming to Step into Life, have never maintained a regular exercise program in their lives.

FUN! - 90% of our clients would say that they don't really enjoy exercise that they have tried in the past. We understand that making it FUN can make all the difference. This is one of the key reasons that we have a 90% client retention rate with our clients sticking to their program year, after year.

VARIETY - as you will see from our list of training offered, you never get bored with your workout at Step into Life. Not only are their different programs, but within those programs it never feels like you do the same session twice.

OUTDOORS - In general Australian's spend a lot of time indoors.. at home, at work, in the car, on public transport - we live in such a fantastic climate, why train indoors too? There is so much variety that we can offer training outdoors too. There are no intimidating machines, mirrors and group classes that you can't keep up with.

TRAIN AT YOUR OWN PACE - Joining a group, a common question is, "Will I be able to keep up with the group?". Our answer is, "You don't have too!". All our sessions are specifically designed so that if you are very fit, or just getting into it after a very long time without a regular exercise program, you can participate at your own pace expertly guided by your qualified and highly trained, Step into Life Personal Trainer.

MEMBERS BENEFITS - When you become a Step into Life client, you become more than that - you become a lifetime member of Step into Life. As a member, there are additional benefits that include, access to additional training packages for fun runs and other events, discounts from local businesses in your local area, monthly health and nutrition information in our monthly newsletter and the list goes on!

Training We Offer

Step into Life has a great range of training activities to keep you occupied and, let's not forget - fit and healthy!!

Cardio - A fun motivation session that improves overall health, heart and lung fitness
Toning - improves muscular strength and endurance, body tone, body shape and postural stability
Kick Boxing - Self defence moves to combine a cardio and toning workout in one
Fit Ball - Excellent for core stability providing effective muscular strength and endurance, body tone and shape
Power Flex - A dynamic core strengthening and stretching workout enhancing muscle tone and flexibility at the same time
Rubberised Resistance - Great all over body workout using Rubberised Resistance Bands
Boot Camp - A tough Army style, test your limits workout

Take the first step to being fitter and healthier by joining your nearest Step into Life group!!

Step into Life Canning Vale, CANNING VALEStep into Life Canning Vale, CANNING VALEStep into Life Canning Vale, CANNING VALEStep into Life Canning Vale, CANNING VALEStep into Life Canning Vale, CANNING VALEStep into Life Canning Vale, CANNING VALE

Step into Life Canning Vale has a wide range of facilities and services of the highest quality.

  • Boxing
  • Free Weights
  • Personal Training
  • Boot Camp

*Facilities and services may differ slightly from those listed. Please contact Step into Life Canning Vale if you wish to learn more about which services they currently offer.

Step into Life Canning Vale, CANNING VALE Step into Life Canning Vale, CANNING VALE Step into Life Canning Vale, CANNING VALE Step into Life Canning Vale, CANNING VALE

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