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You must be at least 16 years old to attend our standard ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP sessions. Any participants under 18 years of age, must have written consent from a parent or guardian.

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A number of the ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP recruits explained that they had lost up to 5kgs of fat in the first two weeks!

The Boot Camp Fitness Revolution - COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE

Since 1991, ORIGINALBOOTCAMP has been willing to put its money where its mouth is by offering a full Money Back Guarantee* if you do not see serious results in as little as two weeks.

How can we be this confident? Because we have spent over 16 years developing our industry leading, results-orientated conditioning system, and have witnessed the shear elation experienced by thousands of our Recruits when they see just how quickly they are moving towards their objectives.

The original, and arguably the best boot camp fitness program in Australia is run by a man known simply as CHIEF.


Universally recognised as the pioneer of boot camp fitness training here in the Southern Hemisphere, Chief J. Brabon has become one of Australias best known, and most influential fitness personalities.

Despite the responsibilities of his role as Global Master Trainer for Original Bootcamps parent company the Grunt Athletic Group, Chief (Along with Original Bootcamp Australias Director of Operations, Emily Hames, and the rest of their elite Instructor Team) still finds time to personally put close to 200 boot camp Recruits through their paces each and every week on both Coogee Beach, and in the Sydney CBD.

This commitment to remaining hands-on has allowed Chief and his highly experienced team of Master Trainers to continually evolve Original Bootcamps programs to not only meet the individual needs of our Recruits, but to also keep the programming fresh and challenging for all those die-hard boot campers who keep coming back month after month, year in and year out.

The real McCoy and not just another circuit or running class with a little camouflage thrown in for effect.


Dont be fooled, all so-called boot camps are most definitely not the same.

Unlike many programs that have recently jumped on the boot camp bandwagon, the Original Bootcamp is a true military inspired, outdoor group personal training program, that uses discipline as its main form of motivation. It has been scientifically designed to achieve serious results, seriously fast, no matter what your current fitness level, in a positive and social environment.

Whether you are an elite athlete with years of training experience, or a fitness first-timer who doesnt know the difference between a pull-up and a push-up, the Original Bootcamp has a program to suit your ability and your goals.

The best thing to get couch potatoes up off their bums is a little of Chiefs military style discipline. Trust me, literally hundreds of them are willing to pay for the Results.


Trust us, discipline DOES NOT mean yelling, screaming, blowing whistles, or belittling someone. It simply means that, when one of your highly experienced, and qualified Instructors tells you YOU CAN, and WILL do more, you push aside all the excuses and doubt, that have previously kept you from achieving your goals and simply GET IT DONE!

Dont put it off any longer. Fill out the form above for a FREE TRAIL SESSION, and experience the program that started a Fitness Revolution.

ORIGINALBOOTCAMP offers a range of products including:

  • General Fitness & Fat Loss
  • Corporate Team Building & Wellbeing Programs
  • Kids Fitness & School Holiday Programs
  • Sports Conditioning & Pre-Season Camps
  • Adventure Training


    Chief J. Brabon
    Founder/ Chief Instructor

    One of Australias most respected functional fitness experts, Chief has dedicated over 16 years to helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

    Widely regarded as the father of military inspired fitness training here in Australia, Chief founded both ORIGINALBOOTCAMP and Grunt Athletic in 1991, at the age of 17, soon after enlisting in the Royal Australian Army as an Infantry Soldier.

    Always looking to expand on his own training knowledge, Chief has travelled the world to earn qualifications in such respected training systems as RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge), Tactical Strength, CrossFit, TRX, Battling Ropes and the Tactical Athlete coaching system.

    Chief is also the only Australian to become a US Law Enforcement SWAT Fitness Specialist.

    A regular contributor to both military and civilian magazines on the subject of results based functional fitness training, Chief has also appeared on over twenty Australian and International television programs, and has been featured in dozens of newspaper and magazines articles world wide.

    As a Tactical & Operational Conditioning Coach, Chief has had the honour of working with some of the worlds most elite Special Forces and SWAT operators.

    Emily Gunny Hames
    2nd In Charge

    Australias most experienced, and respected, female boot camp instructor, Em has appeared on numerous television programs and contributed to many of the countrys leading womens publications.

    With certifications in Tactical Strength, Cross Fit, Battling Ropes and Kettlebell training, Em has had the honour of training shoulder to shoulder with numerous members of the United States elite Special Forces and Special Operations units, often being the only female invited to attend such prestigious programs.

    Known for her Tough Love approach, Em has inspired literally thousands of couch potatoes to push beyond the excuses, and reach their health & fitness goals.

    Sergeant Steve Bingley
    Support Instructor

    A former paratrooper with the Royal Australian Armys elite 3RAR, Steve has recently returned from his second tour of duty in East Timor.

    Often called upon to conduct Unit PT (physical training) for his fellow infantry soldiers, Steve discovered a passion for pushing individuals to achieve their health & fitness goals.

    Since leaving the Army, Steve has focussed on translating his experience as a front line warrior to the skills required to push civvies beyond their comfort zone

    Senior Sergeant Tor Sorensen
    SpecOps Instructor

    A current serving officer in the Royal Australian Navy, Tor has spent the last five years as Special Operations Officer in the elite Clearance Diving branch (the Australian equivalent to the US Navy SEALs). His most recent posting was to Clearance Diving Team One (CDT1) as both the Tactical Officer and Operations Officer.

    During his 11 year Naval career, Tor has operated along side a number of the worlds most elite fighting forces in exercises right across the globe.

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