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BodyForce Personal Training

Build the body you want using the body you have!

Nearby Suburbs: Campbelltown, Caringbah, Homebush, Kingsgrove, Rockdale

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BodyForce offer the following services:

  • Small group training - ensuing a personalized experience
  • One on one individual training
  • Outdoor/indoor training - where ever you prefer to train I can do it
  • Training by using your own body weight � no need for expensive equipment or gym fees.

    Some of the fantastic benefits of using your own body weight for exercising include:

  • By using your own weight you learn how to use your own body effectively. This helps you to become stronger and more comfortable doing everyday jobs such as bending, lifting, etc.
  • Most exercises will use more than one muscle group. This means you get a faster and more efficient workout in less time.
  • You can move from one exercise to the next without delay. This increases the intensity of the workout without increasing the time.
  • Most exercises are functional. They use everyday movements, like bending.
  • They can be done anywhere and anytime in a short space of time if needed. No need to miss exercising.
  • The exercises help promote good posture and balance - Ingredients that become crucial as we all grow older.
  • These exercises are fun and can be made more challenging all the time by making small changes.
  • BodyForce Personal Training, KINGSGROVEBodyForce Personal Training, KINGSGROVEBodyForce Personal Training, KINGSGROVE

    BodyForce Personal Training has a wide range of facilities and services of the highest quality.

    • Boxing
    • Circuit Training
    • Free Weights
    • Nutrition Programs
    • Personal Training
    • Sports Specific Training

    *Facilities and services may differ slightly from those listed. Please contact BodyForce Personal Training if you wish to learn more about which services they currently offer.

    BodyForce Personal Training, KINGSGROVE BodyForce Personal Training, KINGSGROVE BodyForce Personal Training, KINGSGROVE

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    BodyForce Personal Training


    Opening Hours

    Monday to Thursday: 6am - 8pm
    Friday: 6am - 8pm
    Saturday: 6am - 6pm
    Sunday: 10am - 50pm