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Original Bootcamp

Why waste time and money on your average personal trainer when we GUARANTEE* that you'll see serious results in as little as two weeks?

Here at ORIGINAL BOOTCAMPâ„¢, our cutting edge Metabolic Conditioning program has been scientifically designed to be far more efficient, and effective than standard personal training, and at less than a third of the cost, it is also far more affordable.

We have dedicated over 18 years to developing and implementing an industry leading, results-orientated conditioning system that has driven literally tens of thousands of ordinary people, just like you, to achieve extraordinary results. More about Original Bootcamp
To ensure that every Recruit within our rapidly expanding network receives our world famous ORIGINAL BOOTCAMPâ„¢ experience, every one of our professional boot camp fitness Instructors is personally educated, certified and mentored by the pioneer of bootcamp training here in the Southern Hemisphere, Global Master Trainer, Chief Brabon.

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