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Body Shape Female Fitness Centres in Australia

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Body Shape Female Fitness Centres are located throughout Sydney in the suburbs of Dee Why, Brookvale Warringah Mall, Gordon, San Souci and Eastwood. Each Body Shape Female Fitness Centre offers you the chance to either try before you buy, or save on joining fees. If you are interested in increasing your fitness, losing weight or just improving your overall health, contact your local Body Shape Female Fitness Centre today!

The Body Shape Philosophy
Our philosophy is straightforward. It is to motivate more women of all ages to regularly exercise by helping them feel better about themselves through improved health, wellbeing, physical strength and confidence in a beautiful stimulating exercise environment.

We achieve this by constant follow up, support and motivation to each member. When you join a Body Shape centre it is not like joining a big impersonal fitness chain. It's very personal, friendly and fun. Our members become good friends with each other. They not only benefit from regular exercise but also the support of like-minded women.

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Why Us?
We will care about you. We will provide you with a superior service and you will achieve a firmer, more toned body shape. The more you exercise with us the happier and healthier you will feel. More and more women every day are transforming their lives and becoming members of Bodyshape.

No other fitness centre offers these promises, because we are focused on you achieving your best body shape.

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